A Documentary on Conscious Community Change project

A Documentary on Conscious Community Change project
an Initiative by Sonia Mackwani’s Touching Lives Welfare Trust for celebrating the children’s education.

Script: Sonia Mackwani

D.O.P: Gaurav C.Ail

Music & Mix: Vishal J.Singh

Dubbing by: Shashank Maurya

Screenplay, Edit & Direction : Ashish Rampal

Produced by: Sonia Mackwani , Touching Lives Welfare Trust

Touching Lives Welfare Trust

Girivihar Rockclimbing @ Belapur, New Nursery 5th Dec Sunday 2010

Place                :    R.C., Belapur, New Nursery
Date                :    5th Dec Sunday 2010
Leader            :    Vivek Thakur  Cell No 09870218973.
Assembly            :    Belapur, C.B.D. Bus Stand at 0700 hrs on 5th Dec 2010

Abhijit Burman
General Secretary

Girivihar website at www.girivihar.org
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Wrap a difference on Christmas for homeless old folk, women and children on the streets of Mumbai

Wouldn’t it be great if, for a change, you could be the reason for someone’s smile? What if you could be someone’s Santa this Christmas?

Turns out it’s not so difficult.

Come be part of a community that cares and shares a compassion for the homeless folks in our city. At Avatar, it’s people like you and us who care but just needed an opportunity to show it.

– What’s happening?
This Christmas, just look into your closet and pick out stuff you haven’t used in a while – we’re talking about bed linens, blankets and clothes – all in great condition. Believe us, someone will find a better use of it.

– Who are we talking about?
The homeless old folk, women and children on the streets of Mumbai.

– Here’s how it works
We will collect your stuff on Wed.15th December at various drop off points across the city, come by anywhere between 12.30 pm to 9.30 pm
Will update you about the drop off points (check this space)
We make stacks of all the clothes and linen
We have them gift wrapped and ready for distribution
We will be wrapping the gifts from 17th thru 19th Dec. (Friday thru Sunday) with you! (Will update you on the time and venue for this)
Distribution of the gifts on 20th thru 23rd Dec.
Updates on time and place of distribution soon

– Your role!
Keep us updated on how many clothes and linen you’ve collected so we can plan how many gifts we will give away.
Volunteer to help separate the clothes, make stacks and wrap them into gifts. That’s the best part!
Contribute cash to cover for expenses like ribbons, brown paper, transport etc.
Last but most important of all, come distribute the gifts with us!

– Why do we do what we do?
Simply because Christmas represents the time God gave us His only Son Jesus Christ. And that’s why we give gifts on Christmas! :)

**This is an active wall post, watch out for updates and keep us updated
on your participation.

***For more info on venues, drop offs and materials
CONTACT: Simran – 9619516991

***For more info on this event, benefactors and distribution
CONTACT: Dennis – 9890416085


Adventure India – White Water Rafting on Kundalika River 5 Dec 2010

Duration – One day – 5 Dec 2010

• Leave Mumbai on same day at 5.30 am sharp
• Reach Rafting point at 9.00am
• Breakfast,Instructions and practice
• Rafting starts – 9.45am
• Reach the end point – 12.30pm
• Fresh-n-up & Lunch 1.30pm
• Commando Bridge,Ladder Climbing,Tarzan Swing & Rifle Shooting
• Tea & Snacks 4.00pm
• Return journey – 4.30pm
• Reach Mumbai 8.00pm

Cost Per Head : Rs 2500/-
(cost includes Rafting,service tax,expertise charges,Transportation by Private Bus, Breakfast,Lunch,Evening Refreshments,Changing Room Charges)
Meeting Point – 5.15am at Chandu Halwai,Dadar ( E).
Payment Option
You can Deposit the payment Cheque or Cash in our account the details are as below
A/C Name – Adventure India
A/C No – 01752000006303
Type – Current A/C
Branch – Dombivli
Bank – HDFC Bank

Things to carry :
Two liters of water, comfortable shoes or floaters, two pair of clothing, towel & napkin, personal medical kit, knife,etc.
Instructions :
• Valuable articles are not permissible
• Keep the camp site clean & force others to do so
Imp :
River Rafting activity at Kundalika River is dependent on Dam water. There is a remote chance that due to un-avoidable circumstances sometimes the dam gates may not open, a decision of irrigation dept. In these circumstances the rafting event will be cancelled. We will keep an alternate adventure activity instead of this and balance amount anywhere from Rs.1230/- will be refunded back to the participants from the total fee.
For Details Contact

Adventure India
14,Ganpati Ashish,RH 42,
Sudamanagar,MIDC Phase 2,
Nr.Model College,
Dombivli ( E ).421203.
Maharashtra , India .
Email : adventureindia_2005@yahoo.com adventureindia2005@gmail.com

installing tikipress

Looks like tiki press does not work like other wordpress plugins . you cannot just upload and activate it . You have to download it , unzip it and read the read me and then follow that to get it activated

=== TikiPress ===

Contributors: GetShopped.org (need to add eventpress etc in here)
Tags: e-commerce, shop, cart, goldcart, buddypress, Tickets, event Manager
Version: 1.0 – Beta
Tested up to: 3.0
Requires at least: WP-e-commerce 3.7, The latest version of buddypress custom post types (version, EventPress Version
Stable tag:

== Description ==

This plugin allows you to create events, tickets as products, attendees everything you need to organize events.
This version is in beta mode so please report any bugs or suggestions to the getshopped.org blog.

== Installation ==

Note: This plugin requires the latest versions of each of these other plugins to run: WP-e-Commerce, EventPress, BuddyPress, BuddyPress Custom post types.

BuddyPress and EventPress can just be downloaded from WordPress.org – make sure they are the most recent versions.

All of these plugins install into the wp-content/plugins directory and should be activated like any other plugin

For best results you should install the plugins in this order: buddypress, buddypress custom post types, eventPress, wp-e-commerce, TikiPress.

==== Downloading a new version ====

This plugin currently does not have automatic plugin notification, however any premium upgrades for GetShopped.org can be downloaded from:


You will be required to enter your Session ID (this can be found with your API key on your purchase receipt)

== Support ==

If you have any problems with TikiPress or require more information check this out:

General help: http://getshopped.org/resources/docs/

Support Forum: http://www.getshopped.org/forums/

Premium Support Forum: http://getshopped.org/resources/premium-support/

Please Note: that we will do our best to assist you with any problems relating to TikiPress, however general questions relating to the other plugins eg EventPress / BuddyPress We will not be able to help you with, you would need to talk to the core developers for that plugin

==Getting started with this plugin==

==== Important things to note / required settings ====
Below are the minimum required settings for all these plugins to work nicely please take the time to read and configure them.

1. For this to work you must set your permalink structure to /%category%/%postname%/

2. Go to Store->Categories and add “Tickets” category (in wp-e-commerce)

3. Go to Store->TikiPress -> Configure and select “Tickets” category (or whatever Category you made in step two, This is the category that all your ticket products created in wp-e-commerce MUST use) if you are creating other products to such as merchandise then create a different category for that.

3. The payment must be marked as accepted in the wp-e-commerce sales log in order for any redemption codes to be sent.

4. Users must be registered to your site to redeems ticket codes so it would be advised to change your wordpress settings to “anyone can register” (you do this under the main wordpress users menu)

5. Some buddy press themes (well the default one anyway) will not support Parent / child menu structure. If this is the case and you only see a products page (and not a checkout page) in your nav then please change the checkout page to have no parent.

6. If you would like to display a list of attendees on your site (so other users can see who is going to the event) then create a page with this shortcode: [bpt_attendees id=’productid’]
where product id is the product id for the ticket thats the event relates to. (an easy way to find this is to go to store > products and hover over the ticket in the bar at the bottom you will see the product id)

7. The Redeem page for ticket codes is also a short code so you will need to include this on a page also: [bpt_redeem_code_page]

==== Setting up the events (EventPress)====

1. Go to Events and add a new event, this is the event that you are going to be selling a ticket for.

The Registration metaboxes on this page are not used by TikiPress. TikiPress will deal with all the registrations / attendees so you can disregard this section.

==== Setting up BuddyPress and Ticket Checkout Fields ====

The BuddyPress fields determine what attendee data is collected for your event. The user buying the tickets at checkout will fill these out with their purchase. If more than one ticket is purchased then the person who gets emailed the redemption code will also be asked to fill out the same fields

1.(optional) Go to BuddyPress -> Profile Field Setup and add any fields you want. Values of Radio buttons and Drop-down lists will be shown in statistics, other information will be show per user.

==== Creating a Ticket – product ====

This is the ticket that you are going to be selling for the event you have just created.

1. Go to Store -> Products -> Add product Fill out all the details about your ticket and event etc.

2. In the Event Metabox please select the event that this ticket relates to, If this is not done then the attendees and statistics will not work.

3. Category – must be the category you set for tickets

4. If you want the tickets sold / reaming stock counter to work you must set a ticket limit for your product. To do this just select the options “I have limited quantities of this stock” Under stock control metabox.

===Testing this out ===

1. Go to front-end Products page

2. Add some tickets to your cart, to test the ticket code redemption you will need to purchase more than one ticket.

3. Enter billing/contact details and fill out the ticket information fields

4. Enter email addresses for the recipients of the other tickets (for testing enter in an address you have access to), those need to be emails of registered users, if they are not registered, then they must register with the same email before Redeeming the voucher.

5. If using manual gateway go to the sales log and change the payment status to accepted.

6. Check the email for a redemption code, for the other tickets purchased.

7. You should now be able to go to the redeem page and redeem your code, you should be asked to fill out the same fields again.

8. Once you have some registered attendees you can use the statistics and attendees features under store >buddyPress TikiPress